Sunday, June 14, 2015

This week's menu

Sometimes everything hits at once and you just can't bring yourself to plan a menu or care about food.

These past couple of weeks have consisted of lots of eating out, chicken soup, casseroles from the sweet neighbor, cereal for dinner, or (in my case) cheese and fruit for dinner, and lunches purchased from the cafeteria at work.

However, hubs actually asked me the other day when I was going to start feeding him home-cooked meals again. I suppose things are getting back to normal and it would be the right thing to do. Not to mention much friendlier on our bellies, waistlines, and wallets.

So here we have it. Still feeling uninspired, so a wide text message net came back with some great suggestions:

Monday- Pork Chops + rice and green beans
Tuesday- Sauteed balsamic veggies with goat cheese
Wednesday- Grilled sausage with beans and broccoli
Thursday- Baked chicken with veggie mac and cheese
Friday- Artisan Bistro Miso glazed salmon

Monday- Converted to crock pot. Extra sauce.
Tuesday- Submitted by Suzy. Fulfills our one vegetarian meal per week quota
Wednesday- Requested by hubs
Thursday- Shout out to chicken bought already seasoned at the store
Friday- Mom found these in the store and picked one up for us to try!

Next week I already have a bunch of suggestions from Ash, who texted me after I had the menu done. So I don't get a text message asking why meatball stroganoff, tacos, or chow mein is not on the menu--- YET.

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Ashley Bennett said...

I was SO about to say something. Hahahaha I love it.