Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Orange cupcakes

- - the flavor, not the color. Of course, you could color the icing orange and have both.

Orange cupcakes.

Subtle but noticeable flavor, delicious cupcake.

Grab a GF Betty Crocker Yellow cake mix*- Or other gluten free cake mix that you like. Make it according to package directions, but substitute orange juice for the water.

Easy peasy.

*I love Betty Crocker's yellow cake mix. I even used it to make my sister's wedding cake and it was awesome. Apparently they've changed the recipe and some people are saying it's not as good. Haven't tried the new recipe, as I used a box that was purchased a while back. Has anyone noticed the change?

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Stephanie Johnson said...

I used Betty's mix to make a gluten free pineapple upside down cake, and it was totally divine. Of course, the butter, brown sugar and copious amounts of pineapple may have assisted the flavor a bit! Oh - and I added pineapple juice instead of water to the batter.