Thursday, December 2, 2010


What a long, tiring, problematic day.

I had wanted to post a beef stew crock pot recipe. I set it up last night and left for work this morning with the crock pot set to low. Only I forgot to plug it in.

I came home ten hours later to very microbiologically questionable un-cooked stew. UGH. Into the trash went fresh vegetables and meat and wasted food.

No beef stew for dinner tonight :o(

Wine and cereal it is.


Castal said...

Sounds like dinner last night for me--leftover mashed taters and grandpa's wine. I hope that next time you use the crock pot you make less microbes and more tastiness.

Lynn Barry said...

That sucks! We all have those days...unplugged and unrewarded. For me it turns into self deprecating humor and sometimes I actually laugh so that makes it almost worthwhile, but I bet you had your mouth watering for some of that beef stew...but not as sushi. HUGS

Laurel said...

Oh man, I feel your pain. That's awful1