Sunday, November 7, 2010

Robot Birthday Cake

First Birthday Cake!

Fondant robot parts, Betty Crocker GF Vanilla Cake mix.

Inspired by a picture that my friend sent me and wanted something similar; don't know the source.







Circles were made using piping tips- the small ones were made using a number 12 round tip, and the larger circles were just the larger end of the tip. I glued the fondant pieces together using a small paint brush and water.

If I were to do this again, I'd make sure the color of icing that I chose for the cake wasn't the same as some of the parts- they kinda blend in.

Overall, I thought it was cute. :o)


daphne said...

Oh wow!!! A robot cake??? I didn't expect something like that....

Laura said...

Um this is precious!

Jen said...

Ha, Love it!! Finally catching up on blogs, I had 21 of yours to read! Now I need to go look for black noodles, we have tons of asian markets around here. Can't wait to make a fancy meal with them! :)

Lynn Barry said...