Thursday, April 1, 2010

KROGER 3 cheese potatoes

So I'm feeling kinda cruddy with allergies or a cold or whatever, looking for comfort food.

The ever-awesome mom of mine found some GLUTEN FREE Kroger brand potatoes au gratin. It said it right on the box- go Kroger!

She originally bought them for Easter dinner but we agreed that we should try it out first, in case they suck.

They SO don't.

This is serious comfort food. I ate about half the pan.

I don't know what happens- every once in a while blogger uploads photos sideways and I can't figure out how to fix it. Just tilt your head.

These potatoes taste just like the potatoes that my mom has made for for years. I can never seem to recreate the taste and texture using ingredients from scratch; the only thing that tastes like "mom's" potatoes is the boxed stuff- and now, it's gluten free and I can eat it!! I'm so excited and satisfied that I want to make it every day.

Sigh, happiness.


Castal said...

Kroger eh? I have a Smith's here that should carry that and it has been FOREVER since I had a good pile of scalloped potatoes and ham... or just scalloped potatoes and a fork (more likely since I am not a ham fan).

Thanks for the good news! I plan to grab a few boxes next time I am shopping.

Anonymous said...

...potatoes are gluten free. don't support processed dehydrated crap food-- buy fresh potatoes. slice on a mandolin. layer in a pan. add cream, cheese, butter, gf flour, salt, pepper. bake.

jacobithegreat said...

Anonymous- But... I can't get homemade to taste as good. So in the meantime, horray for dehydrated crap food! :P