Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fried Rice

My friend Jennifer makes awesome fried rice. Actually, I think it's her mom's fried rice. Either way, I could eat it for days. So last night I snuck over there and had her teach me how to make it. It's so easy, and of course it's one of those, "I don't measure, I just throw in however much I want!" types of things.

Your ingredients:

canola oil
shrimp (or chicken)
leftover rice
frozen peas & carrots
onions, chopped
Fajita seasoning
fish oil

If we had a wok, everything would be thrown in together. However, hers got lost in the move and it's not necessary. Just use a pan and make things in batches, then combine it all at the end.

First, thaw the shrimp in some water, if needed. While that's happening, make everything else.

1. Start with the rice. You really have to use a certain kind of rice. That minute rice just won't cut it. She uses jasmine rice, and stresses that it's best if you use leftover rice, as opposed to just-made.

2. De-clump the rice and sprinkle a little bit of paprika over the rice. Then, sprinkle a little bit more fajita seasoning than you did paprika. Fish sauce is optional. She added a small amount- perhaps a teaspoon- and mentioned that it's mostly for aroma rather than taste. Also add a small amount of oil, just to barely coat the rice. This will make it brown up really deliciously when you fry it.

3. Warm a pan over medium heat, then throw in your frozen veggies. She added that it's important to get the veggies nice and dehydrated, otherwise you'll have mushy fried rice. If they get a little charred, consider it a little extra flavor.

4. When the veggies are done, put them in a large bowl. In the same pan cook the onions and shrimp in some butter.

I had no idea when shrimp was cooked, but I learned. Look for a pink color, and they should curl up tighter.

5. Put the shrimp & onions in the veggie bowl, and scramble your eggs in the same pan.

Jen uses a chopstick to mix everything up- even the eggs in the pan. When they're done, stick them in the bowl too.

6. Fry the rice until it's browned and smelling awesome, and add that to the bowl. Mix it all up, and eat until you're just stuffed.

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Felecia said...

I love those one pan, no-measure recipes. I also just recently learned that fried rice is not that complicated...for some reason I thought it was a dish that took hours. Thanks for posting!

I've been reading your blog for awhile now and it's great!