Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oven-baked french fries

gluten free french fries
Someone came home with McDonald's and the smell of greasy french fried potato goodness was mouthwatering. I had to have french fries.

I personally love the thick-cut steak fries with the skins still on. Oh, yum.

Of course, they're easy to make. Just clean a potato, then cut it into strips. (If I'm in a hurry I like to stick them in the microwave for a minute so they'll cook quicker.)

Then, line a cookie sheet with tin foil for easy cleanup. Spray cooking spray liberally on the pan, place the fries on the sheet, and spray a little more. They will stick badly without some kind of lubrication.

Put them into a hot oven, about 400-450 degrees, for about 10-15 minutes or until they're... well, french fries. Sprinkle them with salt, let them cool, and don't feel bad for a minute that you don't get to eat McDonald's fries.


Lauren said...

I love oven baked fries!! My mom makes them by tossing them in oil and spices, then baking them for a long time (flipping halfway through), and you get these delicious crispy sides, with the softer centres - Yum! I love how simple fries are to make!

Amy Green (Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free) said...

I love oven baked fries, too. My favorites are Parmesan crusted sweet potato fries. The salty parm and the naturally sweet potato taste fabulous together.

Lynn Barry said...

what a great idea, thanks!

Jolynn B said...

I love oven baked fries myself!
Speaking of McDonald's fries, though, I was told by someone else on this GF diet that McDonalds fries their fries in separate grease from their glutenous products. Therefore, McDonald's fries are GF. I haven't verified this information, but I've felt safer eating them ever since.

jacobithegreat said...

Hm, that's worth looking into. The last time I checked, the fries themselves actually contained hydrolyzed wheat protein or something like that, but it may be different where you are.