Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekly Menu

For your inspiration!

Speaking of, I've been lacking inspiration lately. I've been cooking the same old versions of the same old things, mostly because the same things have been on sale.

So I've turned to Pinterest and found a few blogs that post weekly menus, just to pull some new stuff into the repertoire. Even though I've never really followed recipes, I have actually printed a few out to try while I'm in my rut.

Last week:

  • Monday- Freezer food. If I ever have those random leftovers that are still good but we're tired of eating, they go into the freezer for those times when an insta-meal is needed. Putting an exclamation point after it obviously makes it more exciting.
  • Tuesday- Roast chicken (In the crock pot), mashed red potatoes and green beans
  • Wednesday- used the chicken leftovers for Chicken Salad Sandwiches
  • Thursday- We ate more chicken. The chili will be moved.
  • Friday- Holiday weekend. That means we go to parties and someone else cooks ;o)
Several of these meals were on the menu a few weeks back, but never got made. They finally got their moment in the sun!

This week:

  • Monday- Baked fish and Ratatouille-ish. Because we have a ton of squash and all of the other ingredients.
  • Tuesday- having friends over for BBQ ribs & Shrimp, with corn on the cob and beans.
  • Wednesday- a friend made this Cheesy Smoked Sausage and posted a picture on facebook, so now it's on my list. I'll convert it to GF, of course.
  • Thursday- Honey Balsamic Chicken. This was straight from a pin. I might try to convert it to a crock pot recipe...
  • Friday- I'm sure we'll have plenty of leftovers.
So there are the eats we'll be eating around here.

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