Sunday, June 8, 2014

This week's Menu

Now that we're kind of settled into the new house, it's time to resume the meal schedule.

For your inspiration, this week's menu.
We used up all of our meat in the deep freeze over the last month, so now we've got to stock up again: Any time anything is on sale, we buy two. This week's menu is based on last week's meat sales, and summer produce. Salads are making an appearance again with every meal, because we gotta get those veggies in. It's actually nice to be eating salads again. After eating like crap for so long, it feels good to eat something good!

Contemplating buying a tomato plant, but I don't wanna kill it... Hm.

Mon- Crock pot beef + pasta
Tues- Leftover beef made into soup + cornbread
Wed- Sausage + pepper rice + mixed vegetables
Thurs- Crock pot chicken + mashed potatoes + green beans
Fri- Leftovers + booze
Sat- Salmon + quinoa
Sun- bbq ribs + beans + corn on the cob

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