Sunday, June 9, 2013

Clever Leftovers: Spaghetti Sauce

There are leftover people, and there are not. I am leftover people, but even I get tired of the same thing night after night, especially if I make a big batch of something.

Enter Clever Leftovers: the Spaghetti Sauce edition.

Leftover spaghetti sauce can be easily made into a tomato-based soup. Or baked ziti. The soup version gives you an alternative to just another pasta dish.

Place your leftover spaghetti sauce into a pot.
Take 1/2 of the amount of the leftover spaghetti sauce and add in broth. (make SURE it's GF)

Add in:
frozen mixed vegetables
chopped mushroom
canned beans
fresh thyme or rosemary
even if you leftover spaghetti, cut up with kitchen shears

Pretty much whatever floats your boat. These are leftovers; use up what you can. You can even accomplish this in a microwave- you're just creatively reheating.

Serve with GF crackers & hummus, or a nice spinach salad, and you've got yourself a nice lunch that doesn't even remind you of it's previous spaghetti sauce life.


Heather said...

Not sure if this is going to post twice since Google dumped my last comment, but here it goes:

I love turning spaghetti sauce into different things--chili is a standard as well. Add some chili powder (extra cumin if you have it) and a can of beans, sprinkle with cheese and voila! Chili!

I love starting out with spaghetti sauce and ending up with nothing but clean plates and several dinners.

jacobithegreat said...

Great idea! I hadn't even thought of that.