Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Aussie Bakery

It's been a while, and so much has happened.

I've been wanting to post about this AMAZING gluten free bakery/ cafe, but had an issue getting pictures. Now, I have them.

A few weeks ago, my Marine came home from Afghanistan. Actually, he came home a day earlier than I expected and surprised the heck out of me. We spent a weekend in San Antonio, kind of a mini-vacation.

Since he came home early, I didn't have time to google any gluten free places in San Antonio before we left. When he announced that he was taking me some place special for lunch, I figured it was something with a gluten-friendly menu. Imagine my delight when we pulled up to this:

Little Aussie Bakery and Cafe- 100% Gluten free! There is even a sign on the door forbidding gluten from entering the place. I had no idea this existed!

He looked it up while still in Afghanistan and planned to surprise me with it. There were a lot of surprises that weekend. There's a reason (among many) I'm marrying that man. Oh yeah, we totally got engaged!! 
(Now I -really- have to learn how to cook.)

But back to the food.

This place was beyond awesome. Fresh baked bread, rolls, sweets... they even have a Sunday brunch.

They set a bread basket on the table and I felt SOOO strange even acknowledging it-- usually bread baskets are off-limits. But this bread... oh my. Fresh. Baked. Bread. Delicious fresh baked bread. In my hands. And I'm allowed to eat it. Not just that, but it's really freaking good.

It's better than Udi's. MUCH better. My new #1 bread is the glorious stuff from this place.

We had lunch- It was also strange being able to pick anything I wanted off the entire menu, no restrictions. I ordered the chicken pot pie and Chris ordered the pizza. They serve bread with everything because they're so proud of it. And for a good reason. Everything was delicious.

Even the salad was good- a variety of greens with this really great dressing.

It was so good, we came back for Sunday Brunch. I was so excited to try my french toast that the picture came out blurry. It was amazing. I was in gluten free heaven.

He ordered the mushroom quiche or something. I don't remember. I was too into my french toast. He said it was good, though.

I bought some rolls and a loaf of bread to take home, and literally made meals out of it. Buttered bread, the rolls drizzled with honey, dipped in olive oil & herbs, sandwiches... my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I wish it was closer so I could go get more. It's the stuff gluten free dreams are made of!

We also bought quite a few slices of cake. Fancy cakes, too. Layer cakes. Chocolate and pecan cake with some sort of chocolate mousse layer, lemon cheesecake, vanilla sponge cake... it was awesome. AWESOME!

It's safe to say that if I ever find myself within a 50-mile radius, I'm going and having lunch, then bringing a ton of stuff home. And also if anyone I know is going to San Antonio, they're required to bring me back some bread.


Castal said...

Congratulations on the engagement and on finding a wonderful place to eat with a wonderful man!

I sure wish that there was a gluten free place like that around here--it is sometimes difficult even to get good gluten free breads at all!

The Little Aussie Bakery said...

Thank you for the lovely review! And congrats on your engagement!!