Sunday, November 6, 2011

Joe's Crab Shack Eat-at-Home

I caught these new Joe's Crab Shack steamable meals on sale at HEB a few weeks ago.

Intrigued, I picked then up and saw that the salmon with dijon mustard was labeled gluten free. Sweeeet. They're not all gluten free, but this particular one is.

Quick shot- because I was too hungry to fool with picture-taking.

It's ridiculously easy. It all comes packaged in pouches, which you microwave, then pour out onto a plate. Pretty good hunk of meat, tasty sides. Dinner for two in 10 minutes with hardly any dishes to clean. I really couldn't ask for more. Except for a cat who doesn't go berserk because I cooked fish. And, you know, someone to eat the other serving. (Shmoop alert: One month till he is out of that war zone and back in my arms. Shmoop over) At least I get some good leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

The only con is that when the fish is done cooking it looks kinda funky- like when you boil chicken and it gets that residue on the pot. But they give you sauce to pour over it and then you can't even tell.

Anyway. Good product, will be buying it again.

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