Saturday, February 5, 2011

Glutino Cheddar Crackers are not like Cheeze-its.

I really miss Cheeze-it. I love those little intense cheese crackers.

I caught some of the Glutino cheddar crackers on sale and thought with a watering mouth that they'd be my gluten-free substitutes for Cheeze-its.

It might just be me, but I can barely taste the cheese! I would not have thought they were cheddar if I didn't already know they were supposed to be. The word "cheese" doesn't even cross my mind when I eat these. It's almost like an aftertaste.

Not that they're bad crackers- they just aren't very cheesy.
So now you know.

Has anyone tried any truly cheese-flavored GF crackers? Or have a good recipe? My homemade crackers never have that awesome cracker texture.


Janie said...

Try the cheese crackers from Mrs. Crimbles, they are super cheesy and really addictive. Not quite the same form factor as cheez-its, but just as tasty in my opinion. :)

Miller Prosser said...

They're not Cheez-Its, but Blue Diamond cheddar nut thins are tasty. The cheese flavor is sort of a powder layer like Doritos. They definitely have a cheese taste.

Laura at said...

I second the Blue Diamond crackers for cheesyness. Those Glutino ones remind me more of Ritz crackers.