Friday, September 17, 2010

Pepperoni's gluten free pizza (!!)

!!! Oh, oh, OH. I cannot contain my excitement. Gluten free pizza- DELIVERED! No heating up my oven, no dishes, no going out or driving to a restaurant, just me in my scrubs and this effortless, amazing pizza after a really long, busy day.

Let's start at the beginning. I heard a rumor a while back that a nearby pizza place, Pepperoni's, started serving gluten free pizza. Today I thought of it, and checked the website. I completely missed the gluten free ad on the homepage, and called to ask about it. Normally when I hear rumors and call to ask about the gluten free-ness of a place, I'm met with, "Huh?" so that's what I was expecting.

The guy who answered was like, "Yeah we make gluten free pizza" and my heart leapt for joy!
I asked what they do to prevent cross contamination and he said, "We wear gloves to handle your pizza and we clean EEEVVVEEERRRRYYYYTTTTHHHIIIINNNNGGGGG" that your pizza touches. The way he said "everything" was hilarious, like it was such a huge pain in the ass to clean for gluten free pizzas. But, I thought that was good enough, and ordered myself some deliciousness. I opted to pick it up this first time, just to see where the place was. In the future, it's delivery baby.

Of course on the 1.5 mile drive home the pizza is smelling AMAZING and I get behind slow drivers and a school bus and I was thisclose to eating a piece in the car. But, I made it to the house before I devoured 2 pieces, trying really hard to savor them but they were just so amazing and I was just so hungry.

Really though, this pizza was delicious. I'm going to be buying from them from now on. Oh, I'm SO SO happy! SO Happy!

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Lynn Barry said...

I WOULD BE HAPPY TOO...I was drooling just looking at the picture!