Friday, August 6, 2010

Sprinkles cupcakes

Yesterday I tried the Red Velvet Gluten Free cupcake from Sprinkles.

I didn't even know they existed-- our program director super awesomely picked them up specially for me so I could have dessert at our luncheon. It was such a surprise and I was stoked to try them.

And of course, they were delicious. By the time I got them home they were kind of mangled from being banged around all day and left in a hot car to sort-of-melt, so there's no real-life picture. But they were awesome with a cream cheese icing that I could eat with a spoon.

Note: Don't try to eat the red G. It doesn't taste very good.

In other news,

I graduate from college today with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science!!!!

Finally. :o)

For any fellow science geeks, check out Not So Humble Pie's science cookie roundups. They're brilliant!

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Ellen said...


And the cupcakes sound delicious. I'm envious.