Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cowboy Soup Mix

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Today was one of those days where you go back and forth from the fridge to the pantry because there's "nothing to eat." After a few trips, I spotted this forgotten soup mix in the back of the pantry.

I had all the ingredients (ground beef and tomatoes), so I dragged out my pot and started on soup.

The first thing I realized was that this mix makes a giant pot of soup. I had to switch to a larger pot two times. I guess I'm just used to making small amounts. But seriously, this could feed a small crowd. Anyway, it was super easy to make. I just browned the beef, added the mix, tomatoes, and water, and let it cook.

It smells delicious. The chili powder and cumin aromas are mouthwatering. It had a good flavor, not too spicy but not bland. I added some beans just because it smelled and tasted like it should have beans. I also served it with some GF garlic croutons on top. Overall, a tasty and filling soup. I think it'd make a great meal if you paired it with a grilled cheese sandwich made with Udi's bread.

I hope it freezes well because I have a lot of it!

P.S. It's not that green; I took the picture before turning the heat up and it's all the dried parsley and stuff floating on top.

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